10 environmental jobs: hiring now

10 environmental jobs: hiring now

The eyes of the world are on Glasgow this week, as the city hosts COP26, the UN Climate Change Conference. The ambition is to unite the world to tackle climate change by bringing together countries, societies, companies and people on the frontline of the mission.


Possibility, opinion, emotions and tensions are all high. But whether you’re here because you’re optimistic about potential change, or pessimistic about any real follow-through from those in power – whatever, you’re here. You found us. And hundreds of climate justice jobs that help create positive social and environmental change. (Find out more about what we do & why>>>)


Here are 10 of those kinda companies and their social justice and environmental jobs – hiring now.


environmental jobs at Goodsted




“At Goodsted, we’re on an ambitious journey to become the world’s most engaging, accessible and diverse platform to collaborate on social and environmental development in the next 3 years.

This means supporting thousands of non-profits and impact startups to progress with their goals, and enabling thousands of individuals to share their time and skills for good. We have an open community platform for anyone to easily participate, and we use this same platform as a software solution to make it easy for companies to not only engage their employees, but also their customers, suppliers and partners to bring all stakeholders together in progressing social and environmental goals.”

Hiring now | growth marketing lead 


airex jobs hiring now







A rapidly growing CleanTech start-up, designing and manufacturing the UK’s first smart air brick that reduces carbon emissions

“Tens of millions of homes in the UK were built with low energy standards. Homeowners struggle with cold, uncomfortable draughts and high energy bills. However, once energy efficiency interventions are implemented, the lack of ventilation can cause damp or condensation problems. Airex developed a solution a smart ventilation control. 

Sensors measure temperature, humidity and air quality. Smart algorithms enable automatic air flow regulation, while taking into account local weather and air quality data.

AirEx opens to reduce underfloor humidity, and closes to reduce heat loss and improve your comfort, all without compromising on air quality in the home.”

Hiring now | Firmware Engineer – IoT 



social and environmental jobs at unreasonable

Repurposing capitalism.

“At Unreasonable, we build community between entrepreneurs, institutions, and investors to profitably solve pressing global problems. We believe entrepreneurial-led businesses building rapidly scalable solutions are the greatest untapped resource for solving the most significant social and environmental challenges of our time. Every day, our team strives to give the entrepreneurs we work with an unfair advantage to succeed. We do this by connecting them with our networks of mentors, investors, business leaders, and policymakers that can help them drive impact and scale their businesses faster. Today, the over 280 CEO’s in the Unreasonable Fellowship have raised more than $7.2B in financing, generated more than $5.5B in revenue, and are measurably impacting the lives of more than 730 million individuals in nearly every country and territory worldwide. But we’re just getting started…

Hiring now | Director, People Operations



Tech2Impact environmental vacancies




A global digital hub for impact tech.

“We are an ecosystem of 450+ founders, accelerators, incubators, experts and investors, all working towards the same goal: to drive societal change and find solutions to the world’s most pressing issues, with the power of technology.”

Hiring now | Graphic Designer 



jobs that fix the world

Social Enterprise beverage brand #drinkinghelps 

“Our goal was to challenge the corporate soft drinks giants, dominating the market with their artificial, unhealthy and unethical range of fizzy pops. Instead of maximising shareholder value, we wanted to find new ways of supporting the people along the supply chain of the Global South; from the tea growers in Sri Lanka to the passion fruit farmers in Peru.

That’s why our range of soft drinks supports Fairtrade and sustainable, organic methods of agriculture. What’s more, 5p from every bottle sold goes to the Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation, with over £5 million raised for social projects in the growing regions to date. Since our humble beginnings in Germany, our team of global game changers has grown to 100+ and now spans across eight countries. 

Hiring now | operations manager


Sympower Jobs

“Sympower is an international cleantech scale-up with offices in 5 different countries and 24 different nationalities. We believe that climate change is the biggest challenge of our generation and, with our software solution, we accelerate the transition to a clean and sustainable energy system. Sympower is growing fast and has recently been recognised as one of the eleven scale-ups selected for the Techleap Rise programme, featuring tech scale-ups which are contributing to flatten the climate curve.”

Hiring now | product manager – data 



Mimica jobs

Waste reduction in food supply chain.

“At Mimica, we aim to radically reduce unnecessary waste by creating a new standard for freshness information with our label that tells you exactly when food and other perishable products are no longer good for consumption. Following a number of awards and government funding, we are preparing to launch our first product in the market. We’re looking for someone to join our project team in London who can help us create our initial critical case studies in the market.”

Hiring now | project intern (PAID


forenamics hiring now

Reducing waste in food supply chain

“We develop AI and ML algorithms that create real value and positively impact society. Currently, our core business is Forecasting-as-a-Service, where we forecast demand for food manufacturing corporations reducing (food-)waste and out-of-stocks as well as optimizing production planning and procurement. While the team maintains a healthy work-life balance we expect a high level of motivation and ambition. A single percentage higher accuracy across our customers translates to many thousand tons of food saved every month.”

Hiring now | data scientist / machine learning engineer



economic change unit jobs

Economic Change Unit

The Economic Change Unit (ECU) works to accelerate the transition to a fair, sustainable and resilient economy. We build the power and effectiveness of our community of partners working for economic systems change, we coordinate campaigns and tactical interventions to influence economic policy and narratives, and we increase the reach and impact of new economy ideas, policies and practices.

Our vision is of a world where all people and communities can flourish and thrive, and where nature and ecosystems are protected, planetary boundaries are respected, and the climate is stabilised.” 

Hiring now | Board Member / Treasurer (voluntary) 


Not quite what you’re looking for? Find hundreds of other purpose-driven jobs here >>>

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