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15 Inspiring Sustainability Companies in the UK

In the face of a warming planet, melting polar caps, depleted natural resources and out of control over-consumption, many sustainability companies in the UK are finding innovative ways to solve some of the word’s most pressing issues.

They are out to transform our lives – from the way we eat, power our homes and recycle, to the way we dress and travel. They are building a sustainable and circular economy that works for everyone.

We know that the biggest positive impact you can have on the planet is through the job you do everyday.

This is why we have listed 15 of the amazing UK sustainability companies that we think you should know about.


Olio is a food-sharing app that enables people to connect with their neighbours to share food and other unwanted products rather than discarding of them. With users in over 50 countries they make it easy for people to share rather than throw away. They allow everyone to take part in tackling the issue of food waste – of which households are responsible for half. Olio are entirely remote based.





Upcircle is disrupting the beauty industry by making natural, vegan, high quality skincare with waste. They use leftover ingredients such as used coffee grounds which would have otherwise gone to waste. Upcircle is London based.




Triodos Bank


Triodos is one of the most sustainable banks in the world, and aim at making money work for positive social, environmental and cultural change. They do this by making sure they only lend money to companies that are giving back to society, giving consumers back the power over what their money is used for. Triodos is based in Bristol.





Oddbox is tackling food waste by delivering boxes of rescued fruit and veg to Londoners. By doing this they save fruit and veg that would otherwise have been thrown away; either because they have odd shape which do not fit supermarkets’ cosmetic standards, or because there is surplus that the farmer is unable to sell. Oddbox changes that and works directly with farmers to make sure this perfectly good food does not go to waste. Oddbox is London based.



Two Generations


Two Generations is combatting loneliness in the UK by connecting the younger generation and the older generation through home-sharing. They do this by matching young people willing to help around the house with lonely older people. Two Generations is London based.






BuffalogGrid is using solar-powered technology to make internet available to 1 billion people who currently lack reliable access to power. Buffalogrid are based in Northern Ireland.




Higher Steaks


Higher Steaks is using state-of-the-art cell culture technique to create meat without harming the planet, health and animals. Higher Steaks is London based.




Oxford PV


Oxford PV is the leader in perovskite solar cell technology. Their technology enables them to build solar panels that generate more power at a lower cost. Oxford PV is based in Oxford.





Migrateful is a social enterprise that offers cooking classes and catering services that are led by refugees, asylum seekers and migrants. Through these classes, Migrateful empowers refugees and vulnerable migrants. This helps them overcome the numerous obstacles to employment and integration that they face due to linguistic, legal and social barriers. Migrateful is based on London.







Resonance is an impact investment fund manager that helps social enterprises and charities raise funds to help them grow their social impact and benefit their local community. They support that is tailored to the needs of the organisations they work with. They have offices in Manchester, Bristol, Cornwall and London.





Sylvera is developing a software that allows to remove a terra-tonne of CO2 from the atmosphere. They are using Artificial Intelligence applied to satellite and drone collected data to increase our understand how much carbon is stored in vegetation. This enables carbon offsetting projects to become increasingly data-driven and their results more easily quantifiable. Sylvera is London based.




Rubies in the Rubble



Rubies in the Rubble are fighting food waste by using unwanted food that is oddly shaped or has the wrong colour to make award-winning condiments. Rubies in the Rubble is London based.





Terracycle recycles what could not previously be recycled. Instead of being sent to landfill or incinerated, Terracycle’s technology and programmes enable waste to be recycled and repurposed. They run a variety of project, including Loop™, which supports a transition to a circular shopping system by increasing the amount of reusable packaging available to shoppers. Terracycle is London based.




Loowatt are tackling the issues of lack of access to plumbed sewage (which currently concerns 73% of the global population) and of increasing water scarcity. They provide a solution to the global challenge of sustainable sanitation with waterless toilets. The waste is used to generate value after being treated through anaerobic digestion systems and be repurposed into fertiliser and energy. Loowatt are based in London and in Antananarivo, Madagascar.




Chip[s] board

Chip[s] Board turns food waste (mainly non-food-grade potato waste) into recyclable and biodegradable bio-plastics. They work with the design industry to help them become more sustainable. They contribute to the creation of a sustainable and circular economy where we (re)use the resources we already have instead of continuously producing new ones. Chip[s] board is based in London.



This is just a fraction of the exciting and inspiring sustainability companies in the UK. They are tackling some of the world’s most pressing issues and many of them are looking for talent.

Hundreds of these opportunities can easily be found on For Purpose Jobs. We make it easy for you to find a meaningful job to build a better world. So we can all work for a purpose!



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