For Purpose Jobs is a jobs site for the environmentally and socially conscious. Where we who believe that the planet and the people upon it deserve better; can help make 'better' happen. By finding social impact, climate change and environmental sustainability jobs, to put our passions to good use.

We can't all be Greta, and most of us can't just knock up a new carbon recycling technology either. But your 'thing', whatever it is, is yours; and those powers can be used for good. Those powers of yours can help address the most pressing threats we face globally, by joining a business whose 'thing', is fighting climate change and social injustice. Finance, marketing, IT, engineering, business development and operations; to safeguard our planet, we need them all.

Our future relies upon social impact, environmental & sustainability jobs.

As an agenda, climate crisis and social justice are higher in the public consciousness now, than ever before; as a society, we’re engaged, we’re informed (scared), and we are ready for real change. Growing numbers of socially motivated enterprises and enviro-tech start-ups are out there developing market-based solutions that work. Backed by new waves of impact investors, grants and subsidies, these game-changing ideas are evolving into industry-leading businesses; and they need people who share their passion but not necessarily their skill set. And yet, putting the two together is tough. It shouldn’t be, but it is.

So, we connect the dots. We connect those who aspire to social impact and environmental sustainability jobs with green businesses in need of good people—rallying individual powers to fight climate change collectively.


For Purpose Jobs itself was born out of frustration. Jaw clenching, eye-rolling frustration thanks to hours wasted searching the big jobs sites for ‘environmental sustainability jobs’ only to find the same lists of research scientists and CSR consultant vacancies. FYI, it’s not just activists and ecologists who want to protect the planet, and it’s not just scientists and engineers who can. The alternative is a hefty Google session tracking down individual companies in the environmental sector to see if they’re looking for someone with your exact skills. Fun.

Search social impact, environmental sustainability jobs.

Instead, we let the purpose lead the way, listing vacancies by areas of impact, as well as jobs roles and locations.

No greenwash, no tokenistic CSR. Just impact.

We’re not in the business of green washing or helping anyone else to. We don’t legitimise token gestures of CSR. We don’t work with recruiters or agencies, our vacancies come straight from the source.

Good ‘enough’.

From the thousands of publicly listed jobs marked as ‘environmental and sustainability,’ we start snooping and get all Miss Marple on their ass(ets). We look at what they do and how it measures up against the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), are the blueprint for a better world. There are seventeen of them; they’re interconnected, and, if we’re to be in with a chance of achieving a fair, just and sustainable world, they must be reached by 2030. So, if a business isn’t ticking any of these boxes, then they don’t tick ours, and they don’t make it onto our site.

Brutal maybe, but we, like you; are interested in working only with people who are genuinely trying to affect change. Anything less is just not good enough, for us, for you, for the planet.

About the founder

Olivia Spaethe 

I always wondered how I could do something meaningful with my life but still be to pay rent and buy my own food. Because traditionally the two options seemed to be: work in a charity and earn peanuts but feel great about what you’re doing, or work for a ‘regular company’, get a decent salary but live for the weekends & holidays your whole life because you hate your job.

When I discovered social entrepreneurship, business for good, and the wonderful world of impact start-ups, I decided I needed to get a job in one of those. What I didn’t expect was how incredibly difficult it was to find them. I’m no scientist, I don’t particularly want to work as a sustainability consultant, and I’m not interested in large corporates’ CSR strategies. (Good luck finding anything else on Indeed!)

Instead, I believe that if people want to put their energy, skills and powers towards developing solutions to climate change and social injustice, it should be easy to find the opportunities to do so; not ridiculously difficult. Based on that belief, and bolstered by the numerous emails from Glassdoor about a job at Shell I “looked just perfect for”, I founded For Purpose Jobs; to help the environmentally and socially conscious use their powers for good.