environmental sustainability jobs for all

We’re everywhere. You can find us idealistic, enviro-mental, sustainability-loving, tree-hugging types everywhere. We're the talented professionals living the 9-5 grind with zero satisfaction. The next generation fired up about climate change and graduating into the workforce. The founders of game-changing businesses taking on social injustice and climate change.

All banging the same drum, but with no easy way to find each other.

We got fed up and came up with a way to help. By uniting people and organisations on a mission to make better happen. With a job board dedicated to the common good. Packed full of environmental, sustainability and social impact jobs.

Happy, fulfilled people, a thriving economy and a greener, fairer, better society. Lovely stuff.

environmental sustainability not just for scientists

And you'd be surprised just how many environmental & social impact jobs are out there. No, really.

Climate crisis and social justice are higher in the public consciousness now than ever before. As a society, we’re engaged, we’re informed/angry/scared (take your pick), and we're ready for real change. There are thousands of socially motivated enterprises and enviro-tech start-ups out there, developing market-based solutions that are making things better. Backed by new impact investors, grants and subsidies, these game-changing ideas are being supported to grow into industry-leading businesses. And they need good people. The kind of people who share their passion but not necessarily their skill set. But for some reason, putting the two together is tough. It shouldn’t be, but it is.

What does 'better' look like? Well, that’s pretty judgement heavy. What’s better and what’s in the interest of the common good is personal. But we are trying to figure it out.

We’re working with heroes within the impact space to create an almighty focus group/advisory board to amplify the voices and reflect the experiences of as many as possible. Want your voice to be heard? Get in touch and tell us what you think better looks like

That will probably take a while. So in the meantime, we’re using the United Nation’s Sustainability Development Goals as a kind of blueprint. Focusing on social impact, sustainability and environmental jobs, and then we apply our own deal-breaker.

Our deal-breaker: “Are they nudging us towards a greener and fairer society?"

For-profit, non-profit, Social Enterprise, CIC or B Corp, all are welcome IF the core purpose is “making things better for the common good”.

Our 'thing', is jobs that make the world a better place.

We’re into employers whose purpose is fighting climate change and social injustice. 

These idealists have sprung into action and come up with solutions to some of the biggest, messiest problems we have. 

They are creating alternatives to fossil fuels. Democratising access to education, opportunity and resources. They're ending poverty shame and fighting food waste. They're building their own businesses, they're investing in their peer start-ups and advising governments on how things can all be done better. 

Making Better Happen-ers

We call the employers behind the jobs the “Making Better Happen-ers” or MBHs for short, because…

1. The founding principle behind each is to create positive social or environmental change.

2. There are all different. They’re not all B Corps or non-profits so ‘businesses’ won’t cut it (but more on that later). And

3. curating based on purpose doesn’t exist anywhere else, so we had to come up with our own way to describe it. After a lot of head-scratching MBH felt closest to the mark.  

Making better happen

There are other places to scratch your ethical itch. You can search for social impact jobs in B Corps or environmental jobs in non-profits. But those labels not only boot out a lot of the good stuff, like a profit-making carbon recycling biotech; they let in some of the bad

Bottled water selling B Corps, albeit operated in the most CSR-y way possible, are not making anything much better. But a for-profit business which capture C02 emissions and recycles them into a new resource which then replaces an existing carbon-intensive process; well that’s solving a couple of problems right there.

The label approach doesn’t cut it. Our alternative puts the purpose front and centre. We bring together jobs based on the purpose of the role, the principle behind the employer, and the impact you could have. 

Think you might be an MBH? Find out more about listing your social impact, environmental and sustainability jobs.

How to list a good job >>>

But you don't have to come up with all the solutions yourself…

We can’t all be Greta, and most of us can’t just knock up a new carbon recycling technology either. But your ‘thing’, whatever it is, is yours; and those powers can be used for good. Those powers of yours can help address the most pressing threats we face globally, by joining a business whose ‘thing’, is fighting climate change and social injustice. Finance, marketing, IT, engineering, business development and operations; to safeguard our planet, we need them all.

Search social impact, environmental and sustainability jobs >>> 

We don't have all the answers yet either. We want to transform the way good people find better sustainability and social impact jobs, but we don't need to do that alone.

Founded in 2020, we are a bootstrapping start-up with a lot of big ambitions. If you’re interested and share our belief in helping make the world a better place, get in touch.

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