ACT Blade

ACT Blade: The lightest and most controllable wind turbine blade. Its innovative design enables longer blades, increasing energy production and reducing the cost of energy.

ACT Blade represents a step forward in our ability to harness wind power. Its longer shape allows it to harvest more wind than has previously been viable, whilst a unique modular structure ensures adaptability whatever the weather conditions. Incorporating the same technology used to create the fastest boat in the world – the America’s cup boat – this innovative blade boasts the potential to cut the costs of energy production by 9%. The increased length of the blade in comparison to its conventional counterparts is made possible by an incredibly light textile body. The fruit of years of engineering study and expertise, ACT Blade is bringing wind energy into the future.

ACT Blade expands the boundaries of current blade technology by addressing the core problems of our wind energy industry. In today’s world, the development of viable sustainable energy alternatives is more important than ever. Wind energy has always been at the forefront of green energy solutions but if it is to continue to grow, it must remain competitive economically. Wind farms are still too expensive. If we really want to create a greener world for the future, then we must find a way to make the production of wind energy cheaper. This is where the team of experts that make up ACT Blade come in. Our patent pending innovative blade is a solution to all wind energy challenges.

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