Advanced Sustainable Developments

Advanced Sustainable Developments

We make food good polymers through recycling plastic bottles. We are disrupting the plastics recycling industry with our innovative technology and following a true circular economy model.

Advanced Sustainable Developments (ASD) is transforming the Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) plastics recycling industry through innovative recycling practises built on the ethos to create a transparent and sustainable circular economy.

Transparency in the recycling process is at the heart of ASD. We have developed a strong partnership ethos and work collaboratively with business advisory firms, governments and their agencies, equity partners, financial services companies and plant operators throughout the lifecycle of our projects.

We develop local market insights, identify opportunities to accelerate plastics recycling, attract investment and commission new facilities in partnership with waste management operators. This enables us to bring new projects to market quickly, cost effectively and most importantly, sustainably.

From the UK to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), ASD is building partnerships to form Special Purpose Vehicles to develop, finance, construct and commission for production, high impact PET plastics recycling facilities.

We recognise that we must be instrumental in innovating the recycling industry in order to help change our habits and how we view plastic. Its unique qualities undoubtedly make it so useful in our everyday lives, but single-use plastics are having an increasingly visible impact on our environment, particularly devastating our oceans.

So how can we achieve this?

The recycling industry needs to change.

We are championing recycling projects that ultimately enable manufacturers and retailers to accelerate the elimination of single-use plastics from their supply chains. ASD is to become a key contributor to the circular economy and our goals are to create employment, source raw material feed-stocks and sell our products locally.

We have developed intelligent recycling initiatives that will ultimately bring together consumers, governments and operators to work towards a common goal, whilst maintaining full transparency of the recycling process.

Demand for recycled plastic resins and products continues to increase globally but the volume of PET waste from post-consumer beverage and water bottles still entering landfill in many countries is alarming. As government policy to address this issue evolves we believe a partnership model is essential to enable a truly circular economy.

We have three intended initial primary geographical locations for PET recycling facilities – Our footprint spans across the UK, Europe and the Middle East regions. We are partnering with Government backed Enterprise Zones to develop several PET processing lines to deal with the vast PET waste challenge in the UK. This need has arisen as councils struggle to implement adequate recycling services and countries like India and China have banned the import of our plastic waste. Our UK vision is supported by Lord Oxford as Chairperson of ASD.

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