Transforming polluted cities into clean air zones by removing over 95 percent of nitrogen dioxide, along with all other pollutants, from the air.

More than 90% of the world’s population is exposed to unsafe levels of air pollution. We deliver monitoring, management and cleaning solutions that provide valuable insight, enable action & clean polluted air to make it safe for people to breathe.

Billions of people globally breathe unhealthy urban air which damages their health and reduces life expectancy. We aim to make a real difference by cleaning polluted hotspots close to where people are.

We understand the exact chemical makeup of pollution in cities, how to clean it and how to deliver cleaner air in the best way. We are the first company that can have an impact on the quality of air people breathe.

At Airlabs we combine atmospheric chemistry and airflow engineering alongside our own proprietary re-engineered nano carbon technology that effectively removes up to 95% of Nitrogen Dioxide, up to 97% of PM2.5 along with other pollutants.

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