Empowering consumers & businesses towards a carbon balanced lifestyle.

We set up Almond because we, like many others, were feeling powerless in our role within the climate crisis. We want to show people that we can be powerful, by not supporting the brands dominating the industry and showing that we care about the way the products we are consuming are produced and the impact they have on people and planet.

We also know that learning about your carbon footprint can be overwhelming, and the numbers sound a little scary! It is likely that your carbon footprint and ours will be way beyond the targets needed to limit warming to 1.5 degrees. But simply changing which companies you purchase from and the amount you consume can make a big difference. And we want to help you do this!

We want to create a more sustainable world by mobilising the everyday consumer – that’s all of us – to buy better, act better and offset the rest.

The Problem

According to the world’s leading scientists, politicians and economists (IPCC, UN, EU), we have 12 years to reduce our current carbon emissions by at least 45% if we are to avoid a catastrophic phenomenon called ‘Hothouse Earth’ and limit warming to 1.5 degrees[1]. A runaway state of climate change that would result in the loss of most of today’s species[2], regular meteorological disasters[3], the collapse of vulnerable economies[4], widespread conflict[5] and hundreds of millions of climate refugees[6] by 2050. An outcome few people actually understand and that most politicians are too afraid to address because of its unpopular ramifications [see research: Green Paper & references].

Our Values

Communication is key: We want to effectively communicate the most up-to-date science, remaining truthful and never missing out key details. We feel it is important that the gap between science and the public is bridged I we want to play a part in this. Be encouraging and inclusive: Anyone can work towards being carbon neutral and anyone can make small changes that can make a big difference. We also acknowledge that it is tricky to make good choices all the time. We want anyone to feel comfortable to join the Almond community. Anyone who wants to try and make a difference no matter how small is welcome here. Be collaborative: There are a lot of businesses doing good and we want to celebrate this, working with our partners. The more people working together the better. Change is good: We are keen to hear from our users and any suggestions for what we could be doing better, or something you feel we have missed we want to know.

Company Information