We all love food, but while our population is growing, Earth’s limited natural food resources are strained by climate change, leading to the current increase in global hunger, undernutrition and food prices.
Our mission is to accelerate the global transition to sustainable food by producing the most sustainable and best healthy food ingredients through the most advanced organic cultivation system, driven by nature’s power!

Arborea’s team developed the world’s first “BioSolar Leaf” cultivation system which harnesses natural photosynthesis in a completely new way. Thanks to sunlight, our technology facilitates the growth of microscopic plants to produce healthy food ingredients, all while generating breathable oxygen and sequestrating high amount of carbon dioxide (CO2), a major contributor to climate change.
At Arborea, we can finally produce clean and healthy food while harmonizing with Earth’s regulatory carbon-cycles on a massive scale!

Micro plants such as blue-green algae and phytoplankton, are some of the most important organisms in the history of our planet. They are behind the original buildup of oxygen in the earth’s atmosphere while constituting the fundamental base of life’s intricate food web. They already provide food to trillions of animals.

Their cells contain thousands of highly nutritious food molecules which haven’t been processed by other organisms, therefore maintaining high digeribility and pristine nutritional properties. Micro plants offer an enormous amount of quality proteins, vitamins, powerful antioxidants, minerals, essential fatty acids and phytonutrients.

We’ve spent the last four years researching the best way to grow organic and healthy food ingredients with the smallest environmental impact, aiming to feed the world’s present and future generations while preserving our planet.
Arborea’s groundbreaking cultivation technology enables a total control of optimal culturing parameters, specifically at massive scales and with the smallest energy inputs in the industry.

Our food is wholly Vegan, GM-free, hormone-free, and our technology allows for completely sterile cultivation, eliminating external contamination to produce the cleanest and purest ingredients.

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