Better Nature

We’re all about protein, the better way – for people, the planet and animals. We do this through tempeh, an all-natural, fermented protein originating in Indonesia.


Tempeh (pronounced tem-pay) is better for people, the planet and animals. It’s minimally processed, 100% plant-based, sustainably produced and packed with key nutrients – including protein (at least 16g per 100g), fibre and a range of micronutrients like iron and calcium. Being fermented, it’s also great for the gut!

Put simply, our mission is to reduce suffering.

As grandiose as it may sound, this is what has brought us all together and inspires us to do what we do. Whether it’s humans and animals suffering due to the effects of climate change, the suffering of animals in the meat, dairy and egg industries or people plagued by avoidable health issues, we all share a common drive to help create a world that serves us all better. To create a happier, healthier, more sustainable planet – for everyone.

We know that transforming our current food system, in particular the way we consume protein, is one of the key ways we can do this. This is why our aim is to produce protein, the better way – better for people, the planet and animals. So, what does this mean to us? It means a protein source that’s nutritious, delicious, organic and plant-based. Lucky for us, we’ve found the perfect one – tempeh!

Tempeh is an all-natural plant-based protein originating in Indonesia, and what we believe to be the world’s best kept protein secret. By applying a 21st-century lens to the process of tempeh fermentation, we’re creating super delicious and nutritious tempeh-based food products to showcase this incredible food to the rest of the world!

As part of this, we are working with our charity partner, the Indonesian Tempe Movement, a not-for-profit co-founded by one of our co-founders Driando Ahnan. The ITM is dedicated to promoting and celebrating tempeh as an affordable, nutritious, plant-based protein source in Indonesia and beyond, as well as improving access to it, all in order to help alleviate protein energy malnutrition which stunts both the physical and cognitive development of approximately 100 million children globally. As part of this, we have been working on a project called the Tempeasy – the world’s first all-in-one table top tempeh maker that will help mean anyone can make tempeh, wherever they are and whatever crops they have available to them.

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