We empower vulnerable and trafficked women through the business of fashion. Our vision is a world where slavery no longer exists.

We created Beulah as a force to fight slavery. We exist to empower vulnerable and previously trafficked women to become economically independent and break free from cycles of exploitation and poverty.

Our alternative business model – what we have termed our Freedom Model – is a virtuous circle built to enable the women in our supply chain to gain sustainable employment by incorporating traditional crafts techniques such as hand-weaving and embroidery into our collections. This way, Beulah empowers vulnerable women and opens up opportunities for them to define their future.

We believe our responsibility extends throughout the value chain. We place a strong emphasis on collaboration with our Impact partners, suppliers and customers to increase our leverage and generate a bigger impact and greater change. 10% of our all profits are donated to our Impact Partners via the Beulah Trust. These funds are invested in further training and development, enabling us to sustain and grow employment opportunities for greater numbers of women.

Together, we’re creating a sustainable, commercial, and creative vehicle that proves luxury fashion can be used as a force for good.

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