bio-bean recycles coffee into value at an industrial scale, creating a variety of efficient, sustainable products for both consumer and industrial markets.

The UK consumes 95 million cups of coffee every day, creating hundreds of thousands of tonnes of spent coffee grounds every year. Much of this discarded resource ends up in landfill emitting harmful greenhouse gases, including methane.

We work with the biggest companies in the UK to transform these spent coffee grounds into value at an industrial scale, giving new life to a material previously considered waste.

Our efficient coffee recycling and renewals service reduces the financial implications and inefficiencies of traditional disposal methods, whilst achieving significant environmental benefits.

We extract diverse residual compounds from food-grade spent coffee grounds, producing a natural, sustainable alternative to virgin or synthesised products.

Spent coffee grounds are highly calorific by nature. Our biomass solid fuels exploit this value, providing sustainable alternatives to carbon-heavy coal and virgin biomass.

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