Bramble Energy

Powering Net Zero

Bramble Energy is an innovator of renewable energy technologies; designing and manufacture high-performance, low-cost, fuel cell stacks using printed circuit board (PCB) materials and processes.

Founded in 2016 at University College London (UCL) and Imperial College London, Bramble Energy Ltd., through revolutionary fuel cell design and manufacturing techniques have developed the unique, patent protected, printed circuit board (PCB) fuel cell – the PCBFC™.

The PCBFC™ utilises cost-effective production methods and materials from the PCB industry to reduce the cost and complexity of manufacturing hydrogen fuel cells (PEMFCs).

Bramble Energy was born out of the desire to construct hydrogen fuel cells using existing materials and manufacturing techniques with well-established supply chains; thereby solving perhaps the greatest barriers to the adoption of fuel cells; manufacturing complexity and scale-up.

Bramble Energy’s ability to leverage the global high-volume PCB industry means that we are the first fuel cell company with the manufacturing capacity to supply gigawatts of fuel cell hardware, something the battery industry has spent many years and £B’s to achieve.

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