Act On Carbon. Share Your Impact.

C-Level stands for (c)arbon level innovation and action. We originated the terms Carbon Footprint and Carbon Balanced globally in 2000 and helped change narrative. Since then earth’s CO2 level has gone up over 10%. Take a look at CO2.earth. We have a simple approach that is tried and tested. We have teamed up with the worlds most holistic carbon offsetting projects.

New narrative is important, and this is also coming about now through networks like B Corp, engineering more purposeful businesses and looking systematically at what it takes to run a business as a force for good. Through this we have built ‘protection of the biosphere’ into our legal constitution.

Our main focus is still Carbon Balancing – giving businesses a way to Act on Carbon, Biodiversity and Social Impact. It’s always been different to Carbon Offsetting. Deeper and always aligned with the natural powers of ecosystems and communities, working together, to bring CO2 down to earth…

C-Level also stands for Culture Change. We offer powerful story crafting tools to build on your Carbon Balanced certification.

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