We’re developing frontier Earth Science AI to protect and preserve the world’s most important assets.

Informed, intelligent decisions for resilience on a changing planet.

We predict the risks and effects of climate volatility, empowering everyone to make informed decisions through Earth Science AI.

Connecting AI + Earth + Human Decisions

Climate volatility is a threat to the economic, social, and ecological value of assets worldwide.
With our climate in flux, making better decisions, minimising risk and identifying opportunities is critical. Our Earth Science AI provides the tailored insight and global perspective needed to do just that, creating a powerful partnership between humans, AI and the planet.

Independent, dynamic Climate Security tools for every asset.

From extreme weather events to broader climate shifts, our pioneering Earth Science AI allows businesses, governments and individuals to monitor the impact of climate signals like extreme heat, fire, flood or drought on their assets – natural or built – developing a quantified, unified view of risk now and in future.

Earth Science AI: three advanced disciplines powerfully combined.

Our open-access Earth Science AI platform brings together:

  • Sophisticated data engineering and automation
  • AI and machine learning
  • Physical sciences expertise

to create the most comprehensive, unified, actionable asset-level climate data possible.

Empowering decisions that enhance resilience and enable restoration.

This powerful knowledge enables decision-makers to:

  • Benchmark and baseline current climate risks to assets
  • Base short-term operational decisions on rigorous forecasts
  • Plan for asset resilience in the long term
  • Restore assets and planet through personalised recommendations


Closing the climate knowledge gap

Until now, planning for climate security (and tackling the underlying climate challenge we all face) has been nebulous, limited and inexact. Traditional forecasting methods are generalised, unstandardised – and expensive. Cervest fuses the most rigorous science, advanced AI and comprehensive scaling to provide real-time asset level analysis that simplifies complex, inter-related data, closing the knowledge gap between the challenges we face and the actions we can take.

Turning science into action

Our data comes from a wide range of authoritative scientific sources including:

  • ESA Sentinel
  • NASA Modis
  • Cervest Forecasts
  • and many more.

We transform that data into forecasts, interactive tools, visualisations, maps and real-time insights that can be quickly acted on by users to make decisions on any assets they’re tracking.

Creating common tools

Fundamentally, we exist to build world-first climate security tools that are shared, democratised, and common to all – equipping and empowering individuals, businesses and organisations globally with advanced insights, accessible tools and a standardised, science-backed understanding of risk.

Supercharging human decision-making

Our platform provides actionable climate security for millions of everyday decisions. Our tools equip decision-makers with the rigorous knowledge they need to confidently make optimal decisions for the present, near future, and long term on complex, critical questions like:

  • Are there any forecast climatic impacts for my operating locations in Europe this quarter?
  • How should I price premiums given the predicted 2° rise in temperature in Spain?
  • How is deforestation affecting flood risk in the region?
  • Where should we locate our $200m silicon chip factory in Asia?

From resilience to restoration

Our vision is to enable informed decisions that will restore our planet. As it evolves, our Earth Science AI platform will not only support resilience, but also enable restoration through effective, personalised recommendations on our critical assets.

Independent, mission-driven funding

Cervest is a privately held company backed by mission-aligned investors including Future Positive Capital, Astanor Ventures, and US climate investors Lowercarbon Capital and Lionheart Ventures.

Powered by principles

We are rigorously ethical, and adhere to a set of principles that encompass AI which we continuously reexamine to ensure we are navigating towards our purpose: to enable a transition towards sustainability and resilience to climate volatility.

Our values are hardwired into everything we’re working towards, and our daily efforts to make positive progress.

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