We at develop sustainable IoT software solution is a sustainable change agency focused on implementing a circular economy in the fashion and textile industry through innovative technology.

The Berlin based start-up offers the knowledge and tools to design garments for circularity from the very beginning and to ensure a transparent flow of information between members of the supply chain to enable fibre-to-fibre recycling. They support fashion brands hands-on with consulting and workshops to realise circular products and anchor circularity into the core of their business model. Beside their trainings they manage a digital platform – the Circular Design Software for material suppliers, fashion brands and recyclers, consisting of a material library, design guidelines and a product development tool. The created products receive the circularity.ID, a label that customers can scan with their smartphone to reveal a product site with transparent information about the materials, sustainable production and where to return the item for reuse and recycling. Sorting companies are also able to discover the best matching recycler to regenerate the products in a closed loop back into new fibres. The system enables products of today to become the resources of tomorrow – since moving towards a circular economy is not an option – it is essential to survive as a society in the future.

Company Information

11-50 employees