CupClub is a returnable packaging service for drinks that uses RFID technology to provide supply chain traceability and ensure cups are returned by charging the users who hold onto them.

Environmental causes are amongst people’s highest priorities – and it’s no wonder. Over 250 billion disposable cups are being globally on an annual basis, with a measly 1% being successfully recycled. At this rate, our oceans will be filled with more plastic than fish by 2050 – and we believe there’s no day like today to make a change.

Introducing CupClub — a returnable packaging service designed to hold both hot and cold drinks. CupClub offers a tailored end-to-end service helping to reduce single-use plastic packaging. Not only does CupClub make it easy to do the right thing, but the product itself is a step-up from disposable cups – CupClub’s service uses only half the CO2e of disposbles and ceramics (including PE lined, styrofoam and compostable PLA.)

All of CupClub’s products are designed in the UK by our experienced team of designers and engineers. Our products are designed for a minimum 1000 uses. Our service is optimised — every time we pick up the used units, we schedule drop-off of fresh cups at the same time. Each trip is coordinated to be as eco-friendly as possible. Even the process of washing the cups is optimised to ensure the minimum amount of water is used to clean the maximum amount of units.

CupClub partners with businesses to make drinks-on-the-go more sustainable; working together towards the ultimate goal of zero waste.

Our Team

Safia Qureshi – Founder & CEO
Leonardo Poggiali – Senior Advisory
Marcus Bointon – Technology Lead
Maxwell Mutanda – Design and Research
Ariana Issaias – Legal Counsel

Our Origins and Awards

CupClub was founded in 2015 by Safia Qureshi, an award-winning Architect, designer & environmentalist, and launched April 2018 with first major client Cushman & Wakefield.

Initally pitched to the Greater London Authority as a ‘horizon’ proposal in September 2015, the ‘idea’ has since developed into an award-winning tech company, pioneering the Circular Economy globally.

Team consists of technologists, designers and engineers, as well as an extended network of strategic advisors.

Backed by institutional investors Seedcamp, R/GA Ventures, Atomico Hamble Fund and Angel investors passionate about sustainability.

Awards include Fast Company’s Best UX Design Winner 2019, NextGen Cup Challenge Winner 2018 and Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy Prize in 2017.

Company Information