Do Nation

Healthier habits for people and planet.

At Do Nation, we help people commit to make small behaviour changes that add up to a better world.

Like cycling to work, driving more efficiently, eating less meat or turning the thermostat down a notch.

You can either make a pledge yourself, or start a campaign – at home or at work – to raise pledges from friends, family and colleagues.

In the workplace we help companies engage their employees in sustainability through simple and fun team competitions, so reducing their environmental impacts whilst saving money and increasing staff retention.

We’re a fully remote team, with people based in Edinburgh, Bristol, London, Chamonix, and Innsbruck.

About Us

If changing behaviours was easy, we’d all be super-fit with PhDs, empty inboxes and spotless bathrooms. And, what’s more, climate change probably wouldn’t be a problem.

But in reality, doing the things we know are good for us (not to mention our world) is really hard.

Do Nation is here to make it easy.

Our clever online platform is powered off years of academic, technical and professional expertise in behaviour change. When someone makes a pledge on Do Nation, there’s a 54% chance they’ll stick to it for the two months, and 42% chance they’ll do it for a year or more!

But that’s only half the story: as well as helping individuals change their behaviour, we’re here to start a movement – to build a nation of do-ers, who are committed to creating a better world.

Our pledge platform is powered off three fundamental beliefs:

First, that small sustainable lifestyle changes don’t just cut carbon, they lead to happier, healthier, more productive lives – at home, at work and everywhere in between.

Second, that even though it doesn’t always feel like it – small actions really do add up. And we’re not just talking about tonnes of carbon! When lots of us commit to taking action for the environment it sends a powerful message to businesses, government and other decision makers about our collective commitment to change.

And third, that given the right conditions people can change. For the better, and for good.

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