E-Car’s mission is simple; to transform mobility by providing smart, shared travel solutions which minimise negative impacts on the environment and are affordable to all.

Initially, small local schemes were launched alongside progressive community action groups with an emphasis on environmental issues, such as Low Carbon Oxford North and Future Wolverton. These initial schemes provided invaluable real-world testing of the concept, giving the E-Car team confidence to scale-up the concept in a variety of environments.

The next few years saw E-Car identify areas of demand and subsequently launch bigger schemes, for example alongside social housing providers and a leading University; the low costs offered by E-Car significantly attracting both groups.

E-Car has continued to grow and develop up to the present day, now often launching 10+ vehicles at a time into settings ranging from East London to the Outer Hebrides.

The E-Car journey has been rapid and exciting, and many key partnerships have been formed along the way. The most significant partnership formed however is with Europe’s largest car hire company, Europcar, who acquired a majority stake in E-Car in August 2015. The acquisition itself marked the first ever exit of a crowdfunded start-up, making international headlines.

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