Earth To You Ltd.

Hand Crafted & Slow Beauty From Seed To Skin

Whether it’s the soothing nuttiness of jojoba, the luscious nectar of castor or the delicate, aromatic dance of rose, our single ingredient oils and botanical products are pure, potent and alive with the intuitive intelligence of nature; connecting the earth to you and you to the earth.

Pure plant seed oils have taken care of our health and skin for thousands of years. But today, this natural pathway has been eroded. The majority of skin and hair care products are filled with long lists of ingredients and chemicals that not only clog our skin and harm our bodies, but clog and inflame our planet too. Misleading labels and untrustworthy claims are used across the organic industry, designed to confuse and mask an underlying lack of quality.

Our aim is a return to simplicity. Drawing from the traditions of the past and a deep respect for the land, we have searched the globe to bring you and your body organic, plant-based oils of the purest quality from organic farms that we trust. These oils are selected for their abundant and natural health and skincare properties, reinviting our age-old connection with nature back into your home, your body and your very cells – for beauty that is real, alive, not skin deep but earth deep.

Company Information

1-10 employees