Precision irrigation and farm-level analytics for farmers and the agri-ecosystem. Feeding those who feed us.

Small-medium holder farmers globally face soil degredation, climate change, water scarcity and price volatility all hampering a sustainable income. On the other hand farming organisations face a lack of accurate/timely farm-level data, increasingly important to leverage due to the changing environment and a fast-moving globalised economy. Both stakeholders also require decision making support to best allocate resources on appropriate farm productivity enhancing technologies.

Farm-Hand is a software and data analytics agritech company that uses satellite data, AI/ML alongside initial farmer-led data to obtain farm-level insights e.g. remote farm survey, localised weather forecasting, cost/benefit for irrigation technologies, crop growth stage monitoring and yield forecasting. Farm-Hand has developed a novel precision irrigation algorithm that utilises weather forecasting and crop information to create efficient irrigation schedules that have been shown to boost yield by 30% whilst reducing energy/water consumption by 60%* in South India. Farm-Hand has developed an internet-of-things low-cost Field Controller to automate irrigation and improve farm-level insights.

Farm-Hand’s vision is to empower farmers economically, socially and environmentally and reveal farm-level insights, making them accessible and useful to the world.

We wish to partner with farming organisations interested in leveraging farm-level data for improved processes and agri-product companies interested in extending the reach of their products through remote connectivity to the farmer through the Farm-Hand platform.

We operate globally and for the #smallholderfarmer!

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