Faro Energy

Faro Energy provides fully financed onsite solar systems to companies across Latin America. Faro’s customers save on energy bills, reduce energy price volatility and increase independence from the grid. Faro’s investors benefit from stable, long term returns on their investment.

Faro Energy partners with a network of local engineers and developers across the region, bringing together the best local knowledge and engineering skills with international capital and solar expertise.

Faro Energy was known as Iwana Energy until June 2016

Faro Energy aims to accelerate the transition to a low carbon economy, by bringing innovative solar financing models to new markets.

In many emerging markets, solar is already cost-competitive with grid power without subsidy. However, most energy consumers (of all sizes) want to pay for their energy as they use it rather than incurring large upfront costs. This makes lack of access to capital is one of the biggest barriers to rapid roll-out of solar.

Ultimately, Faro aims to catalyse a large scale shift in global capital flows to a low carbon economy, by creating attractive, large scale investment opportunities – turning clean energy infrastructure in developing countries into a mainstream investment asset.

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