FeTu specialises in reducing energy consumption and emissions through its self-developed two-stage turbine technology, which applications in the energy market and manufacturing industries including aerospace and marine.

A start-up SME hosting a new and revolutionary ‘green’​ energy device. FeTu’s novel invention targets carbon reduction by replacing a commonplace conversion device with an ultra-efficient alternative.

Since the dawn of the industrial revolution, there has been a fundamental need to convert stored energy to ‘work’​; pumps, compressors, expanders, engines and turbines broadly use one of two mechanical conversion platforms, ‘rotary’​ or ‘reciprocating’​, both of which are century-old two-dimensional principles.

The novel & disruptive FeTu ‘roticulating’​ system is entirely different and utilises a three-dimensional ‘spatial’​ concept; offering a compact, high efficiency, resilient, reliable, platform to convert between all manner of volumetric and rotational energy sources.

Rotational to volumetric conversion: a positive displacement, high volume, bi-directional, self-priming, ultra-efficient, low shear, high pressure, pump; or a low-energy, high-volume & high-pressure compressor.

Volumetric to rotational conversion: an ultra-efficient, oil free, light weight, power dense, omnidirectional powertrain capable of running most open and closed loop thermodynamic cycles, appropriate to power generation, transport, marine, aerospace.

Volumetric to volumetric conversion: FeTu can perform fluid to fluid energy conversion and simultaneously top up or extract power from its additional rotational element.

FeTu is the world’s first ‘quad-acting’​ drive system, utilising only two moving parts to create four anti-phased chambers which 100% evacuate with each revolution, offering inherent downsizing, downspeeding & downweighting.

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