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We are a non-profit Institute focused on embedding responsible leadership at the heart of influential organisations.  We work through leaders and with organisations in all sectors that are serious about becoming beacons of purpose and responsibility.  We inspire and build communities of leaders to adopt the principles and practices of responsible leadership, so that together they mobilise organisations to get after the most important challenges faced by society and our planet.

We work closely with a group of 25 major organisations from across the private, public and social sectors (ranging from the Civil Service, Met Police and British Army to Tesco, easyJet, Visa, Barclays, BCG and Save the Children).  Our Fellowship programme brings together a diverse group of exceptional senior leaders from these organisations to explore the principles and practices of responsible leadership, and the challenges facing business and society. We are moving into the next phase of our growth and are excited about the potential to significantly boost our impact.

Our team come from a range of different backgrounds, from a strategy consulting firm and innovation agency, an overseas adventure company provider to a major bank and No 10 Downing Street.  We’re proud to work with many of the UK’s leading experts on responsible leadership, and we also benefit from the support of some of the UK’s most senior leaders (ranging from the Head of the Armed Forces to the Chairman of Barclays and our Chairman, Sir Anthony Salz). We were certified as a B-Corporation in 2018.


In our next phase of growth, we have a lot of activity planned to significantly boost our impact, launching new programmes to reach more senior leaders in the organisations in which we work.

We will continue to develop our core 18-month Fellowship Programme, helping senior leaders to hone their responsible leadership skills. As we blend a mixture of virtual and in-person events, we need to ensure a high quality, intense and sustained learning experience for busy people. The 2021 Cohort is likely to be the biggest ever working under considerably challenging conditions.

We have launched an Exchange Programme, where senior leaders are paired with other leaders from a totally different sector. We have an in-person and online versions of the programme, with four or five intakes a year.

We run a bespoke 6-month programme for Chief Executives and executive committee members, supporting the most senior people as they lead organisations through this challenging period.

Next year we will also launch our community dinners programme, where we invite people doing amazing things in their local communities to host a dinner with small number of senior leaders from one of our partner organisations.  Leaders learn about their host and the work they’re doing to improve society and the environment, often with limited access to resources.

We organise and support a vibrant community of those who have been through our programmes, the Fellowship. With more almost 400 leaders, we convene and support those who are serious about making change.

You will support teams working across all our programmes and our Fellowship.

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