Ads For Good.

… online advertising isn’t as good as it should be.It’s annoying, it pops up, it auto plays… we block it if we can and resent it if we can’t. But advertisers don’t want to be annoying. In fact, all they really want is to matter to their consumers. So we decided to help advertisers to do something that truly matters.
Good-Loop takes money from advertisers, and gives it to charities.
But Good-Loop is not itself a charity: we do this by making ads more effective, and we make a healthy profit on each ad. We are turning ads from a nuisance to be blocked, into a shared positive moment which funds social and environmental good. We also believe in treating internet users fairly, empowering them to be partners in the advertising and data ecosystem. Clients include Unilever, Kit-Kat, and Pepsi and we’ve raised over £1m for charity.

Company Information

11-50 employees