GreenSpur Renewables has invented and developed a new low-cost ferrite-based direct-drive permanent magnet generator (DD-PMG) for the wind turbine market. It is the only company in the world known to be developing a ferrite-based design capable of multi-MW generation.

GreenSpur’s novel design is capable of:
• Eliminating the prices and supply risks associated with using rare earth magnets, which are sourced almost exclusively from China and are in high demand from many growing industries, e.g. electric vehicles.
• Delivering a generator CAPEX saving of 33% – achieved by (a) the substitution of rare earth magnets (£45 per kg) with ferrite magnets (£1 per kg), (b) simple manufacturing, and (c) reduced maintenance costs.
• Rapid scaling via a unique modular design that enables generators to be constructed in stages to the required configuration, e.g. 4MW/6MW for the onshore sector and 12MW plus for the offshore market.

The design has been optimised through extensive R&D that identified a highly innovative magnetic arrangement, which delivers maximum output for the lowest material cost and weight. Electromagnetic FEA results have been endorsed by Warwick Manufacturing Group and the generator design has been validated by DNV GL. The Company has partnered with the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult to develop multi-MW designs for the global offshore wind market.

The Company has 8 patents on file. Its electromagnetic FEA is accurate to within +/- 7%, which provides confidence that larger multi-MW designs will perform within an acceptable output range.

GreenSpur has been progressing rapidly through research and design stages, scaling its technology successfully in stages as part of a focused commercialisation strategy.

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