h2go power

Pioneering clean tech. Delivering safe and reliable power supply for all. Zero-emission solid-state hydrogen storage solutions.

H2GO Power is a pioneering clean tech company. We develop and deliver hydrogen energy storage technology for zero-emission, safe and reliable power supply, with a range of commercial applications.

Access to reliable electricity is often not possible, either grid extensions are too expensive or diesel is too costly to use and transport. H2GO offers a production and storage system allowing access to green reliable power at significant cost reductions. Growth in the renewable sector is leading to grid imbalances causing green energy to be wasted. H2GO’s solution allows for 100% renewables utilisation all year round making renewables more economically viable and supporting their growth and development. Instead of a high-pressure cylinder, hydrogen is stored as a solid-state carbon-free fuel with the release of hydrogen on-demand through our patent pending reactor. Energy distribution by solid-state fuel is an alternative to electrical and gas grid networks.

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