Icebreaker One

Icebreaker One is a global non-profit dedicated to make data-at-scale work harder to deliver innovative financing for a carbon-zero future.

It is focussed on

  1. creating frameworks and open standards for robust and secure data sharing across environmental & financial data;
  2. understanding the use-cases, business models, policies, processes, principles and practice that will unlock value at scale;
  3. developing & sharing expertise to provide knowledge and insight that will enable climate-specific interventions across the financial ecosystem.

We’re working to help everyone understand how to instrument change: where there is scope for material, transformational, rapid change—and how to implement it—that will help us all address the greatest challenges of our time.

Let’s ensure the next trillion is spent on carbon net-zero or net-negative infrastructure.

Icebreaker One is a new independent, non-partisan, global non-profit. We are looking to connect with private and public sector leaders who want to help reduce risk and grasp the opportunity to transform the climate crisis into economic innovation that addresses the problem.

We’re working on common principles and practice to make data sharing easy and useful to as many people and organisations as possible.

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