Offset. Reduce. Change. inhabit provides a carbon offsetting monthly subscription service, incentives climate positive behaviour changes, and motivates system-wide change.

We believe that you should no longer feel powerless and uninformed when it comes to climate solutions and how you can make a positive contribution to the crisis.

Our three pronged attack of ‘offset. reduce. change.’ provides the basis for everything we do. Offsetting allows us to make a positive contribution immediately. Then we can work towards meaningful lifestyle changes and alternatives to reduce our personal environmental impact.

We were in the exact same boat. Lacking awareness around the possible solutions that we as individuals could action on. No central source of information to help understand the impact of our choices. We’ve been there.

As well as that our founding team has been part of growing communities into the millions, which is imperative to make sure cumulatively we make a real difference. It’s our job to make sure your efforts amount to a mighty ocean, rather than just a few drops.

Our methods

Carbon offsetting
We fund projects that prevent the future release / remove existing CO2 from the atmosphere. By only using Gold Standard projects we are ensuring the highest level of vetting standards and accountability.

Reduce your footprint
There are many easy-to-implement lifestyle changes that over a period of time can have a big reduction in your environmental impact. We will provide this knowledge and showcase the best eco-friendly alternatives. Going green has never been simpler.

Company Information