Just Clear

Just Clear is a multi award-winning rubbish clearance service, with a strong focus on customer service & using waste as a commodity.

Our Story

Back in 2007 and just before the commercial crash, Irishman Brendan O’Shea decided to give up a successful career in commercial banking to start a London house clearance company with a strong social and environmental purpose. Incorporated in 2012, Just Clear has since gained national recognition in the B2B & B2C market for it’s low carbon, ‘zero-to-landfill’ mission.

Our social and environmental ethics for the communities in which we operate is very important to us. Complementing our super-low carbon footprint are circular economy partnerships with social enterprises and good causes – such as the British Heart Foundation, CRUSE and Crisis charities – to achieve an impressive reuse rate on waste turnover.

Unlike competitors who only subcontract and use landfill, Just Clear employ their own staff, and are active nationwide, stretching as far and wide as London, Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, Bristol, Newcastle and house clearance in Aberdeen. The company prides itself in reuse and using waste as a commodity and is carving corporate social responsibility in the increasingly-professionalised house clearance market and dispelling the industry’s old image of the ubiquitous ‘man in an unmarked man’.

Changes to our service during Coronavirus

You can understand more about how our services, and how the company is currently functioning, within our COVID-19 Guidance page.

We have changed our services in two ways because of Coronavirus. Our specialists use Ultra disinfectant spray when supporting you with your House Clearance, Office removals, rubbish removal, etc. The Ultra spray is used to protect our clients and colleagues against Covid-19; keeping our vehicles clean and the items we are removing.

We also offer a complete coronavirus decontamination service throughout London and the UK. If you would like to learn about our complete decontamination service visit out dedicated COVID-19 decontamination page.

Customer Service

Just Clear is now a multi award-winning nationwide clearance service, with a strong focus on customer service as well as using waste as a commodity.

Rated ‘Best in practise’ for 2017, 18 and 19, for ‘House Clearance service’ in the UK on TrustPilot.

Featured in Forbes.

Winner of the 2019 Probate Research Awards and the 2019 Business Green Leaders Awards.

Awards »

Award success for Just Clear includes the title of Circular Economy Initiative of the Year at the BusinessGreen Leaders Awards 2019 plus a Green Apple Award at the International Green Apple Awards for Environmental Best Practice in 2017.

Just Clear is one of the UK’s largest clearance services and are revolutionising the industry with our waste to commodity mantra. Starting from a single truck (Brendan worked on it for the first 9 months), we now undertake hundreds of clearances every month.

Operating Model

We operate with our own carriers all over the UK. Our digital platform allows us to closely monitor service levels, track where the items go and keep customers updated in real time.

Our trucks are specially designed with fully enclosed tippers and our uniformed teams contain at least two technicians in each crew.

Our definition of clearance shows that it is not just junk to us; it encompasses so much more than this, such as donations, recycling, auction items, selling the various waste streams as commodities, hence why we operate differently to other companies in our industry.

At Just Clear, we work with brilliant teams of clearance experts who believe in a simpler and transparent clearance service.


Our mission is for ‘Just Clear’ to be the first choice for clearance – based on our recycling initiatives, solutions, professionalism and ‘feel good factor’ for clients receiving a great service with a smile. We also love having our beautifully designed trucks out on the UK streets every day and bringing the nation to a clutter free state.

Values & Culture

In everything we do, we adhere to our Core Values and Company Culture:

  • Eco-Warriors & Planet Savers – Waste is a commodity.
  • ‘Make More Room for You’ – Our client’s space is our priority.
  • Clearance has many different elements, so JUNK is a dirty word round here!
  • Transparency and disclosure – in the form of waste transfer notes and reports.
  • A creative and happy workplace.
  • Happy clients and happy crews mean we are getting it right.
  • CSR / Compliance / Health and safety – Operations and how we recycle.
  • Initiative – we constantly improve ways of doing things.
  • Proud to be a part of this amazing company!

The ‘Just Clear’ brand name

On the surface, our name has the perception to reference ‘clear’ or ‘clearance’ which is our core service.

However, the deeper meaning to our name evolved from the actual translation of the individual words themselves: ‘Just’ meaning justice or fairness. And ‘Clear’ referring to our transparent and direct approach.

In addition to this we think it sounds pretty great too!

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