At KAPDAA – The Offcut Company, ‘every piece matters to us’​.

At Kapdaa every piece matters, especially every piece of extra material. We work with fashion and interior designers, textile weavers, mills – basically individuals or brands who think “What do I do with my leftover fabric?” Well we make sure their beautiful and precious leftover fabrics and other materials do not go to waste. By turning their offcuts, end of rolls, and other extra materials into unique, sustainable and up cycled branded products – notebooks, eye masks, luggage tags, passport holders and many more – we give a new lease of life to the leftover offcuts for our customers.

Over the past 2.5 years we reused over 5000 metres of fabric offcuts – saving them from going to landfill straight away or from just being waste. We have created thousands of new products out of already existing fabric scraps along the way. It takes approximately 270 litres of water to produce the cotton for one fabric-covered notebook. KAPDAA, however, reusing that already existing fabric to produce new products helps decrease the huge energy and water footprint left by the fashion and textile industries.

Kapdaa works with over 250 brands to create beautiful and sustainable products out of their unused fabric. Our “offcut suppliers” range from mills in Scotland, to interior designers from New York to fashion designers in Russia. We also work with London and LA based shoemakers, Parisian weavers, Belgian pram manufacturers, and tailors at Savile Row. The list does not stop there, and we are always looking to bring new designers on board to help us spread the sustainable Eco-friendly message and create a zero waste industry.

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