Kelda Technology is the manufacturer of the world’s most efficient shower system, saving over 50% in water without compromising the shower experience. Next-Gen Shower.

At Kelda, we’re transforming the way we use water.

The UN predicts that by 2030 the world is projected to face a 40% global water deficit.

Using our patented Triple-E Technology, we’ve created a shower that uses 50% less water but delivers 200% more power, without compromising shower experience.

Welcome to the next-generation shower.

Why Kelda?

Kelda Technology has created the world’s most efficient shower system, designed and manufactured in the UK. Our patented technologies are drawn from cutting-edge aerospace and automotive engineering.

Our mission is to transform the way we use water – our priority, to disrupt the stagnant shower industry.

We use intelligent technology to deliver the world’s most advanced shower system. Costs are reduced, customers are satisfied and your organisation is empowered to play a breakthrough role in safeguarding the planet’s future. Kelda’s innovative clean technology creates a cascade of benefits for your business and for the environment.

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