Sandals from ocean recycled waste.

There are an estimated 150 million tons of plastic in the oceans. Among the plastic waste there are easy to recycle plastics like PET and HDPE, but foam plastics such as EVA are not recycled because they are difficult to recycle and there is no commercial process for using these materials as a feedstock. Flip flops are a large source of unrecyclable foam plastic waste, contributing to 15-20% of plastic pollution on coastlines of countries where plastic pollution is most severe.

We use ocean plastic waste to create new products. Our first product will be sandals made from unrecyclable waste flip flops collected from cleanups. Our manufacturing process allows us to directly reuse the waste, bypassing difficulties of sorting and recycling the waste, cleaning the oceans of a large source of plastic waste. Our product is also designed to be circular, therefore worn-out flip flops can be recollected and made into new pairs of NuOceans sandals, preventing waste from re-entering the oceans.

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