Omvits is a UK-based vitamin and supplements company dedicated to using clean, natural and innovative ingredients to create high-quality products which are sustainable for the future.

We completely understand the importance of health and nutrition in order to lead fulfilling lives, but it doesn’t need to be at the expense of the planet and the environment.

How it all started…

The team at Omvits came together through a shared challenge we all faced: living a healthy lifestyle in a sustainable way.

While researching the many benefits of a plant-based diet, it was clear that eating a varied diet with lots of fruits and veggies provides almost everything you need to be healthy. However, our research showed that there were a few nutrients which are commonly lacking in the modern diet – and not just in vegan and vegetarian diets.

One of these deficiencies is Omega-3 – an important polyunsaturated fatty acid usually found in fish.

For many years, fish or cod liver oil supplements have been the most common way for people to get their Omega-3, but our research into the fishing industry revealed some startling statistics…

“At the current rate, the world’s fish stocks may collapse by the year 2048”
– UN Food & Agriculture Organization

“The global fishing fleet is 2-3 times larger than what the oceans can sustainably support. More fish are taken out of the ocean than can be replaced.”
– World Wildlife Fund

“An estimated 300,000 whales, dolphins and porpoises die in fishing nets every year”
– World Wildlife Fund

Omvits was born!

As lovers of the oceans and marine wildlife, we thought that these statistics were outrageous and refused to believe there wasn’t a better way for people to get Omega-3 into their diets without exploiting the world’s oceans. The solution was out there – we just had to find it and make it accessible… and so Omvits was born!

Whether you believe the statistics above or not, the world’s population is growing and the demand for nutrients like Omega-3 is increasing year-by-year. The planet cannot afford to continue meeting this demand with animal-based products and as a result, millions of people around the world are moving towards vegan and plant-based diets.

We’re here to support these people, whilst challenging unsustainable and destructive industries. We’re starting by taking on the fish oil industry with our algae-based Omega-3!

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