Industrial & commercial technologies to reduce and remove carbon dioxide from the air at scale.

To avoid catastrophic climate change, the world needs to significantly reduce emissions. However, that alone is not enough. The world will also need to remove carbon dioxide from the air at a massive scale.

Origen develops technologies that solve for both of these needs. The technology can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that is emitted into the air and remove carbon dioxide that is already in the air. It is commercially viable and scalable to gigatonne levels.

Origen is an intellectual property licensing company. It is not a manufacturing company. The company designs solutions to the climate crisis and builds commercial relationships with the manufacturers and end-users who will apply Origen’s technologies in their respective industries.

The first-generation technology can help reduce the emissions today from major heavy industries including power generation, cement manufacture and the oil & gas industry. There are further immediate applications in smaller industries such as sugar and lime manufacturing.

The second generation of technologies that have been developed (recarbonation) will enable the removal of carbon dioxide from the air at scale in an economically viable manner. Further technologies are in development which remove carbon dioxide from the air whilst producing valuable by-products including carbon-negative hydrogen.

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