Peek Vision

Poor vision is one of the world’s most neglected health issues.

Worldwide, over two billion people live with vision impairment or blindness. This number is set to triple in the next 30 years. Most of them live in low- and middle-income countries, where eye health facilities may be out of reach.

Peek Vision develops solutions to help health services deploy limited resources more effectively, and work towards 100% eye care coverage. Our smartphone-based technology generates data, which identify people with eyesight problems. It powers health care providers to supply cost-effective, targeted treatment.

The result? Better eye health for the millions of people worldwide who need it.

What Peek does

Peek Vision powers eye health organisations with a proven suite of solutions to expedite delivery of care.  The result is that more people can get the treatment they need.

Our solutions include smartphone apps and other software.  These tools amplify innovative partnerships, public health tools, training, and support services that together make iterative, effective programme design possible.

Peek Solutions enable vision screening and eye health surveys to be conducted in homes, communities, and schools.  Our systems generate insights from the data gathered. This allows eye health providers to identify gaps in their services and make rapid, sustainable improvements where needed. Inequalities in service provision can be addressed and more people receive the treatment they need. This ensures no one is left behind.

Peek Solutions incorporate the award-winning Peek Acuity app, which has been shown to be at least as accurate as a conventional eye test in independent research.

Our research is published in peer-reviewed scientific journals and rigorous evidence is at the heart of everything we do. All of our work is impact-driven, supported by a talented, multidisciplinary team. We are united by the belief that by working together, we can change the course of the vision loss crisis.

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