Phytoform Labs

Unlocking the genetic potential of plants.

Phytoform Labs was founded with two aims:

  • Minimise the damaging impact of agriculture on the environment
  • Make food crops healthier for consumers

What we do

Our innovative team is working to restructure the crop breeding cycle to benefit all stakeholders from growers to consumers.

Our crop development platform uses cutting edge machine learning and genome editing technologies to explore and evolve the natural genetic sequences of plants.

We are located at world renowned agricultural research centre, Rothamsted Research, in the United Kingdom.

Our Technology

The agricultural industry needs new genetic solutions to keep up with demand in a sustainable and environmentally responsible way, and it needs them fast.

Our technology evolves new plant traits and introduces them into a wide variety of crop species, providing a solution to some of the fundamental issues facing the industry. We combine cutting edge machine learning techniques together with our genome editing process to rapidly develop new crop varieties.

AI driven trait discovery

The plant DNA sequence space is vast, and despite the presence of clear patterns in the data, it is too complex to decipher without some help. At Phytoform, we use unique machine learning algorithms to understand the fundamentals of plant genetics, and from this we evolve new sequence patterns to achieve desired traits. This allows us to introduce completely new traits to solve old and new agricultural problems alike.

Genome editing implementation

Discovering new traits generates a powerful resource, but these traits are only beneficial when added to the right crop species and varieties. Our highly efficient genome editing platform introduces desired traits rapidly and, crucially, with minimal disruption to the rest of the genome.


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