Phytoponics offers a smart controllable growing platform which enhances fresh produce quality and yields for commercial growers.

Phytoponics is the revolutionary patent pending hydroponic growing system that is going to transform commercial agriculture and make fresh produce abundant. Capable of delivering high returns on investment at an affordable price, we are the first company offering Deep Water Culture technology geared to the hectare scale, giving huge productive benefits to the commercial grower, at half the cost of current offerings, enabling:
-High produce quality and value
-High consistent yields
-High resource efficiency

Phytoponics as a concept started in January 2016 when co-founder Adam Dixon had an idea to invent a new type of low-cost hydroponic grow module (the Hydrosac) which could be used as the platform for market driven sustainable agriculture.
He established the company and brought on-board as co-founder, Luke Parkin to help develop the Hydrosac invention and through self funding the pair of them developed and tested their first Hydrosac prototypes that year.

Now on the 4th generation catenary design of the grow modules and with a range of configured Deep Water Culture systems available and proven to work in commercial growing environments, Adam’s original vision of “making  fresh produce abundant and more sustainable”, is now a lot closer to becoming a reality.

Phytoponics has secured early adopter customers and is working closely with a number of commercial growers and horticultural systems integration partners.

The company has been featured in many prominent industry sector journals covering our innovate designs and Deep Water Culture approach, these include white papers published in The Chemical Engineer and Government Europa, which can be accessed via the links below:

Ditch the Dirt – The Chemical Engineer

Hydroponic technology for sustainable agriculture – Government Europa

During the company’s short journey on the path to commercialisation of its core technology, Phytoponics has won numerous accolades and awards.

In 2017 as recognition for his enviromental work and the future potential of what Phytoponics could deliver from an economic and sustainability aspect, Adam was selected as one of only six individuals from across Europe to become a United Nations Young Champion of the Earth.

Phytoponics is privately funded by a number of HNW angel investors and more recently received its first round of institutional investment from the Development Bank of Wales.