Our Original Plumen 001 bulb was the world’s first designer low energy light bulb. We couldn’t understand why the humble light bulb – the very symbol of new ideas – hadn’t really evolved in almost 150 years.

PLUMEN is a boutique lighting company, famed for creating “The World’s First Designer, Energy Saving Light-Bulb”​, the Plumen 001. Plumen provide customers with beautiful, affordable and efficient lighting products and have recently added the Plumen 003 and the WattNott range to its collection.

Based in London, our concept led company designs, manufactures and markets products across the world under the Plumen brand. Our distinct attitude fuses a humanistic perspective of technology with a strong design sensibility. We are committed to offering sustainable products, not just through choice of materials and careful sourcing, but by the consumption behaviour that our products promote in the hands of our customers.

Company Information