Bringing the supply chain to the shopper.

Powered by blockchain and open data, our platform gathers and shares key product information and journeys in a way that’s secure, trustworthy and accessible.

We live in the world we buy into.

Every day, we buy products that impact our planet. Opaque supply chains are devastating environments and compromising the wellbeing of people, animals and communities. Each product and business is different, but rarely do we have the information we need to make positive choices about what to buy.

Provenance is a digital platform that empowers brands to take steps toward greater transparency. With our software, businesses can easily gather and present information and stories about products and their supply chains, including verified data to support them. By connecting this information to things – in store, on pack and online, we can all discover the origin, journey and impact of our products.

Our collective power is in our shared knowledge.

We don’t sell products, we are a framework for gathering and sharing knowledge about them. Provenance is here for businesses that want to bring a digital dimension to products, to reinforce a genuine connection between the people who create and consume them. We aren’t claiming to be ‘ethical’ or ‘sustainable’, but we are striving for both these ideals through a firm commitment to open, accessible information.

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