Restructa is one of the UK’s leading recycling companies for TVs, computers and other WEEE equipment. We safely and responsibly recycle CRT and all forms of display screens, including LCD, LED, Plasma, PCs and laptops.

Restructa was formed in 2005, ahead of the UK Government introducing the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive in 2007. This legislation required all electrical products to be recycled at the end of their useful life. It defined TVs and monitors as ‘hazardous waste’ (due to the phosphor coating on the panel glass and lead content of the funnel glass) and banned them from going to landfill sites – instead a percentage of their materials now had to be recycled.

Our Managing Director Bruce McLean was already well established in the recycling and waste management sector, successfully running our sister company CCL North. Bruce set up Restructa in Ayrshire as a direct response to this new Directive. Right from the outset, Restructa focused on the repair, reuse and recycling of TVs, along with recycling redundant IT equipment

Restructa has since grown and developed into a leading recycling and waste management company. From our base in Irvine, incorporating 31,500sq ft over two factories, we serve local authority recycling centres across the UK, and work with a range of customers including NHS Trusts, educational establishments and the financial sector.Supporting the local Ayrshire economy and community, we employ around 40 staff, giving opportunities to young people through modern apprenticeships and also long term unemployed people.

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