Resurgo Ventures

We help entrepreneurs create innovative and scalable impact across different sectors so that they are equipped to grow sustainable businesses.

We connect, envision, train and support people to ‘transform society together’ through high impact and scalable enterprises.

We specialise in coaching, managing impact, leveraging local expertise and scaling up.

We work with businesses, charities, churches and individuals to cultivate change.

Amidst the many advancements we enjoy today, important social problems are also escalating. Challenges such as youth violence and disengagement, modern-day slavery, homelessness and food poverty.

They all disproportionately affect the most disadvantaged in our communities. Together, we can do something about them.

Drawing on the expertise we have developed through our Spear Programme in coaching, impact management, leveraging local expertise and scaling up – we bring individuals, businesses, charities and churches together to cultivate change.

Resurgo means to rise up again. If we each step up to play our part, society will flourish.

Resurgo is a Christian organisation working with all irrespective of faith to achieve our shared social vision more effectively together.

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