Connecting People to Products, and Products to People

The retraced team is committed to building a community of trustworthy brands, skilled suppliers and people who want to promote change in modern manufacturing practices.

In early 2018, Philipp and Lukas, friends from high-school and co-founders of the ethical footwear brand CANO, wanted to find a way to connect their customers with the amazing artisan partners in Mexico who made their huaraches. The techniques and sustainable materials used by the amazing craftswomen and men make every shoe unique and they knew that there was a powerful story worth sharing.

After an unsuccessful search for a fitting and reliable tool, they decided to create their own solution. They joined forces with Peter, their high-school buddy, who also happened to be a blockchain specialist and full-stack programmer. Together, they realized that getting more insights from supply chains was something that other brands, consumers, and industries are interested in. Moreover, the positive impact of increased transparency for a more sustainable world became clear. After a few creative brainstorms, and catch-ups session over coffee (and good German beers) – retraced was born.

Since October 2018, the progress on our technical solution has been fast. Our POC launched in March 2019 followed by a live pilot in June. In October, we welcomed our first partner brands and since then, we have hired lots of talented new team members, opened up offices in Cyprus and México, and even won a German Sustainability Award for Digitalization.

They say the joy is in the journey, and at retraced we love the important cause we are fighting for, and we can’t wait to see what a transparency-friendly future holds.

Company Information

11-50 employees