Retraced offers AI-powered supply chain sustainability and compliance management software to help fashion and textile companies tackle their sustainability goals from all angles.

The blockchain-based platform offers solutions to help companies with risk assessments and evaluations, compliance data management, and complete bottom-up and cascade product traceability. The platform enables companies to collect information from their supply chain with regards to suppliers, working conditions, materials, certifications, and environmental impacts, and to share this with relevant stakeholders, and even end-consumers. In this way, fashion and textile companies can better monitor their impact on their supply chains, collaborate closely with their value chain partners, become more transparent and optimized in their operations, and enable trust-building with their customers allowing for more informed purchasing decisions.

Retraced was founded in 2019, in Düsseldorf, by Lukas Pünder, Philipp Mayer and Peter Merkert, with a vision to promote change in global value chains by building a community of dedicated brands and transparent suppliers all committed to encouraging more sustainable manufacturing practices. Retraced’s all-in-one platform empowers all stakeholders to join a network of participants aiming to help push the systemic change needed for a more honest and responsible fashion industry.

Company Information

11-50 employees