Solar Polar

A renewable cooling product design specialist

Here at the award winning renewable energy design company Solar Polar, we deal in the paradox of energy. Humans require both heat and refrigeration, but climate change has made one appear where we need the other, simply swapping them so that hot areas stay cool, and cool areas hot, requires the same huge amounts of energy which then creates its own heating leading to more climate change… it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

But what if we were to tell you that there was an inexhaustible source of energy that is almost free which could help to break this cycle, would keep our air clean and our planet healthy and won’t add to climate warming but that we were still only accessing 1% of it?

You would say we were crazy…

And we have been until now…

It’s the sun.

Solar Cooling

Working with academic institutions across Europe including Imperial College London and London South Bank, we have been going right back to basics and looking at self-sufficient communities who live without electricity, we believe we have found a cheap, renewable alternative to our cooling needs from the sun, which is far more efficient than previous systems…

New solutions to old problems require new perspectives and we at Solar Polar see the story of reducing those carbon footprints we leave in the sands of time a little differently: by using the power of the sun to cool in our patented refrigeration and air conditioning units, we can help to solve the problems associated with climate warming from keeping cool in the cities, to reducing disease in developing countries, or reducing the vast amount of foods that are wasted purely because it cannot be refrigerated.

And none of these solutions require electricity. Not one Watt. Just the constant renewable source that is solar.

Despite continuing socio/ political resistance or unawareness, solar power is predicted to satisfy the world’s entire need for energy in the next 20 years. In much the same way that computer processing has far exceeded what we thought was capable in a very short time, solar solutions to our energy needs will grow exponentially. Driven by new techniques such nano materials, solar power is Eco friendly that you will not only be benefitting individually by saving money, but also be helping the environment and our precious blue home by reducing greenhouse gases and promoting renewable energy.

Product Overview

The Solar Polar system can provide air conditioning, refrigeration for vaccines and food storage. Solar Polar uses a solar thermal powered absorption refrigeration system to make cooling modules which may be mounted on a roof (flat or pitched) or the wall of a building, or even in the open air. The modules can be joined together to match the required cooling or refrigeration load, or for where the climate is prone to prolonged periods of overcast weather.

The angle of the tubes can be optimised for a particular climate and demand, eg. set vertically if the greatest power is needed first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Installation is extremely simple and safe since there are no electrical, or water connections to be made.

Dehumidification is a natural part of the cooling process. In areas of high humidity the Solar-Polar units can be used to condense water from the atmosphere, producing a source of grey water which, in combination with a distillation device, can make drinking water.

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