The world’s first flat-packable solar thermal collector. Be part of the new cleaner world and make the switch to solar energy.

Heating water plays an important part in our lives, whether it is for showering, taking a bath, cleaning clothing, running a swimming pool, or operating an aquaculture farm. But it can also be very expensive. For many parts of the world, heating water can make up at least 30% of a household’s energy bill.

Founder of SolarisKit, Dr Faisal Ghani was stunned to find out that in some parts of the developing world, like Kigali Rwanda, heating water can make up almost 70% of a households energy bill. This was surprising considering the abundance of solar energy available. By turning sunlight into heat, households can save money while also reducing their carbon emissions. The problem has been that this technology is too expensive. SolarisKit was founded in 2019 to solve this problem, by developing unique solar solutions they are low cost, easy to transport, and simple to install.

Global access to clean energy is good for people, and good for the planet. That’s the world we want to help create at SolarisKit.

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