Squeaky is a new kind of energy company that enables businesses to buy 100% clean energy from UK-based solar, wind and hydro generators. Contrary to popular belief, renewable energy does not always mean clean or carbon-neutral.

Many energy companies, and indeed governments, include burning biomass in their definitions; a practice which is extremely harmful to the environment. Our energy is not just renewable; it’s Squeaky clean.

Squeaky believes that clean energy shouldn’t cost more which is why they are on a mission to accelerate the UK’s transition to 100% clean energy, making it affordable for all businesses, big and small. Founder Chris Bowden has worked in the energy industry for nearly 30 years. During that time he witnessed countless businesses stung by fluctuating rates, and fleeced by unethical renewal practices, all the while struggling with terrible customer service. He started Squeaky to reinvent the energy industry to be reliable, modern, efficient and customer centric.

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