The world’s most data-efficient smart meter

Utilities everywhere struggle with the “last mile”, where tough landscapes, unreliable infrastructure and poor connectivity make operations difficult and costly. In the hardest to reach places, consumers go unserved, relying instead on alternatives – diesel generators, wood fuel, kerosene lamps – that cost 10 – 100x more than grid power. As a result, 2bn people have little or no access to electricity. To reach this kind of consumer, utilities need new technology.

SteamaCo offers the world’s most data-efficient energy management system. Our advanced metering infrastructure enables utilities to operate effectively, anywhere on the planet. For the utility, SteamaCo enables effective, scalable operations in developing markets. For end users, SteamaCo offers convenient, reliable access to modern utility services for the first time.

SteamaCo automates 100s of energy assets on 12 mobile networks, in 10 countries and six languages, serving 10,000s of homes and businesses.


55,000 meters sold in ten countries
Product launch: Edge 6
$5m Series B, co-led by Shell and Praetura Ventures
New office: Bright Building, Manchester Science Park
Award: Finance for the Future Innovative Project

28,000 meters sold in seven countries
Established supply chain in Asia
$150k Horizon 2020 and Innovate UK grant
Award: Global Cleantech 100 Ones to Watch

Product launch: bitHarvester v5
$2.9m Series A, led by Shell
$300k Innovate UK grant

Product launch: Steama UI

Product launch: bitHarvester v4
Award: Ashden International Gold
Move HQ to Manchester, UK

Pivot: energy automation technology
Rebrand: SteamaCo
$250k seed financing

Develop bitHarvester v1 and v2 and Mingi cloud software
Pivot: micro utility developer

Kenya, company founding: Access Energy, a wind turbine manufacturer
$250k seed financing

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