SumOfUs is a new world-wide movement for a better global economy.

Here’s what we stand for:
-Governments that answer to citizens – not corporations
-Fair treatment of workers and the right of every human being to make a living, safely and ethically, for themselves and their family;
-The right of ordinary consumers to products that are produced and marketed ethically, sustainably and transparently;
-The right of communities to manage and protect their own environment and natural resources;
-Business models that put people and the planet first instead of being driven by shortsighted greed.

Today’s reality is different.

We’ve witnessed again and again what happens when powerful corporations get their way:
-Environmental and health catastrophes;
-A global financial crisis that destroys entire economies;
-Rising food prices and starving children;
-Families globally losing their houses and land;
-Poisons pouring into our air and water.
You name it, corporations are behind it. But rather than being held accountable – their CEOs are often walking away with bonuses. And these injustices are largely left to continue unabated.

But the world doesn’t have to be this way. We own the corporations that are causing all these problems. They rely on us to buy their products. They count on us to buy their stock. They need us to work for them. They need us to continue to elect governments that let them get away with murder.

We are, and we’re not going to take it anymore.

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