Taptap Send

Send more, spend less.

In many of the countries we work in, digital mobile money services like M-Pesa have become a vital part of the financial system.

The Segovia payments platform enables enterprise customers to send money to mobile money networks across Africa. We help non-profits provide assistance to people living in poverty, agricultural firms pay farmers for their crops, and gig economy startups pay workers.

Our consumer product Taptap Send, is an app for sending money to Africa instantly. Global remittances account for over $500 billion annually and are currently dominated by traditional services that are expensive, can take days to send, and have limited reach in rural areas. We’re helping people to send that money instantly and securely at a fraction of the cost of current services. In doing so, we are working on making the UN Sustainable Development Goal of bringing cross-border remittance costs to 3% by 2030 a reality today.

We’re a small, venture-backed London/NY/Africa-based team and are looking to hire extraordinary people who are excited by our mission and share our values. We have competitive salary and stock options, flexible hours, unlimited vacation, and great medical, dental, and vision benefits.

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