The Consumer Brand

It’s time for us, the consumers, to create the products we want; Tasty, healthy and responsible.

The Consumer Brand allows us to collectively realise the specifications of a product, to have it manufactured as we wish and to have it marketed at the right price.

How it works

We create our products from the bottom up. A caring brand that coincides with what we demand from our products. A brand that offers only high quality, healthy and responsibly sourced products. All our products are created with your expectations and choices in mind.

We ask you, the consumer, to participate in our questionnaires to ensure the creation of products that are needed and wanted in the marketplace. Your answers will provide us with the standards to which our products will be produced.

Your answers are taken to our partner organisations, both large and small. We work with them to ensure that your wishes and expectations are met. It is of the utmost importance to us that our partners share the values we, The Consumer Brand have.

By utilising the social networking platforms available, we are able to save money on advertising. This means you can purchase top quality products without the cost of a marketing campaign.

The Consumer Brand offers you total transparency enabling you to purchase products that meet the high standards you expect.

Together we create. Together we buy healthy, high quality products. Together we make a difference.

Join us at The Consumer Brand!

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