Connecting Communities

The Peel is a charity that’s been building a connected community in Clerkenwell since 1898. We run activities for adults, activities for children and young people and mental health awareness projects.

We also work with residents and businesses in Clerkenwell to help them run projects. If you have an idea for a project you would like to get started, we may be able to help you.

Our vision 

A connected community where everyone benefits from living here.

Our mission

  • We help children living in poverty to improve their life chances by connecting them and their families with others in the community
  • We help older people who are lonely or at risk of isolation to become active citizens by connecting them with others in the community
  • We provide opportunities for all residents of Clerkenwell to participate in activities through which they can make acquaintances across divides, for mutual benefit

Our goal 

In 2020/21 The Peel will support 1,000 residents to become acquaintances with people they would not otherwise have met, for mutual benefit.

Our values 

  • Learning – We learn as we go, focusing on finding out what works and what makes a difference
  • Partnership – We work in partnership to deliver projects and activities
  • Equality and Diversity – We promote all residents’ wellbeing without distinction
  • Compassionate – We treat everyone with respect and dignity